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Sunday April 5, 2015

Want to know more about Finland and the Finns ? Read this blog...
Dirty Cars and Million Cows
- The blog about Finland

Sunday March 29, 2015

It seems to me that I'm getting a bit old... Also the below "editorial" is old, it is from 1997. At that time I used to receive some 300-400 letters via snailmail every month. Now the amount is the same BUT yearly! More and more of contacts are taken digitally - via cell phones, tablets and computers. Also the newspapers and magazines worldwide are going to the same direction, to digital publishing instead of printing and distributing their publications on paper. Digital publishing is faster and cheaper. Do you still read and buy single copies or subscribe to any printed newspapers or magazines? Let me know, please.

Mail to Signal on Tuesday April 15 1997

Have you ever wondered what kind of mail your publisher Raimo Kaarna receives from abroad ? Read on, I'll expose penpal publisher's great secrets to you just now... Yesterday I got 30 letters, from around the world, let's read them together. The first one is from Linda Persson in Sweden. She publishes her own 28-page A5 size photocopied penpal magazine The IPC-Paper. Fine paper, good contents and layout, 270 friends, we swap ad space with each other. The second letter is a paid order, mailed from Hong Kong but sending year's subscription to the printed Signal to be sent to Fred M Wahl in California USA. Danial Hrominchuk in Canada sends the next letter, information about Around A Dollar Mailorder, business propositions welcomed, imports and exports.

Japanese girl called Naoko Nakahigashi from Niigata sends two International Reply Coupons (from your post offices) for a back issue of the Signal. Her penpal listing will be seen here later. Begging letter from Ghana - former Gold Coast in Africa - sent by a school boy, George Osei-Bonsu, age 10. I receive up to 20-30 letters like this daily every now and then, without payments of course. Unfortunately I'm not rich enough to send any Signals free, return postage necessary to get reply.

USA calling, USA calling, multi level money making opportunities, this time called "Co-Operation", sent by Louis S Cruz. Sorry to say but I don't believe in wonders or nonsense, I NEVER take part in any MLM | pyramid | chain letter schemes. Have "earned" lots of money in saving the vain postage costs ! Harazi Ahmed from Blida in Algeria asks for penpals, not even return postage enclosed. He has seen my worldwide club directory, the 1992 edition. Letter from Israel, Dinu Bratulescu sent US$ 2 for postage to receive names of penpal clubs in Portugal. He'll get them from the new WWCD. USA again, J P Laumeyer from Florida pays for Signal issue 87, it will be airmailed soon. I usually reply mail and stuff the envelopes with magazines 3-4 times monthly, 100-150 at a time...

La Casa from USA sends one inch display ad for his "Honduras Women" penpal service. You'll see it also in the web later. Paid order. Two IRCs from Japan, sent by 17 years old Nozomi Matsuura. She'll get Signal 82 and her listing in the next issue. Post & Telekom from Austria mails information about new postage stamps for publication. I use the photos occasionally as space permits. Two Indian Rupees, 5000 Romanian Leis, $ 1.25 in Canadian coins, 30 used postage stamps are received from Iulia Gavrilescu in Romania. She is 24 and looking for a man... 'Send $ 5 for reply and sexy photos'. Brien Duarte from Honolulu in Hawaii USA sends $ 6 for his ad and a back Signal.

Letter from FINLAND ! Unbelievable, 99 % of mail mail comes from abroad... Pertti Karppinen orders the latest Signal, I must remember to enclose the invoice. Our old agent C Kennedy sends her one incher for displaying in the printed Signal and in the web, $ 20 enclosed in cash as payment. Mail Order Plus is the magazine sold. Then a letter from down under, Australia, postage AU$ 1.20, two nice stamps. Paid order for the Worldwide Club Directory, Signal 87 - in web you can read newer edition free !

Houssenaly Karim from France is interested in trading consumer goods, world trade developments. He is buying a sample copy of the Signal. 25 years old Mandana H from Tehran in Iran asks for foreign penpals, no payment, no return postage.

Andre Rheaume from Canada is paying US$ 5 in Canadian Postal Money Order for the Signal and his ad. Finnish banks charge US$ 14 to cash this foreign $ 5 check. Do NOT send any small amounts of money abroad in checks or postal money orders, banks' service charges are more than the value of your payment. Send banknotes or IRCs...

Hiromi Kuwahara from Kanagawa in Japan buys the latest Signal, $ 7 enclosed. Kharisma Fans penpal paper from Indonesia contains 36 pages, photocopied but neat, mainly in Indonesian, Signal's 2" ad on the back cover. We swap ad space. Our agent Karael Enterprises in England orders the latest Signal for their customer Gisele Poissant in England, I'll drop-ship it soon. The payment was enclosed.

Ten IRCs from Morocco, sender Doir Ait Boussaaden, a penpal magazine order. Swedish firm called M & B Import sent their catalog of Bitte Collection, handbags, shopping bags, purses, umbellas, leathercases etc. Two International Reply Coupons from Japan again for a back issue of the Signal, from Naoko Kawauchi, age 14, girl. William A Snover from Michigan, USA ask for more information - no return postage.

Andera Angela from Kenya has seen Signal 63 - it was issued in 1986 - and sends her penpal listing for publication, without payment ! She is 20, 5'5", beautiful... Photocopied letter from the rich Saudi-Arabia, from M Salem. He asks for more information and says to be willing to pay, too. Mushtaq Ahmad Zuberi - a Pakistani by birth ? - lives now in USA and is willing to advertise in several penpal magazines. The payment missing again...

Well, that's it, thirty letters, a few payments, some ads, information and offers. Most ads will be composed, printed, added to these Signal's pages also in the Internet. Return postages nowadays some $ 1 per letter, that makes $ 30 for this lot.

RAIMO KAARNA, the publisher, Purokatu 18, FI-15200 Lahti, FINLAND * EMAIL

This editorial has been reprinted from the Signal of year 1998

Pirated Signals
for sale in Pakistan !

Computer software is not the only thing pirated in the world today. Signal fans and readers in the Third World have found out a way to earn more money by printing Signal magazines without my permission and selling it in the bookshops, newsstands, kiosks of Karachi and Lahore in Pakistan. The retail price seems to be 120 Pakistani Rupees there and the pirated Signal propably is sold also in the United Arab Emirates as the price is marked on the cover also in Dirhams.

This pirated 84-page Signal magazine, issue 90 of 1997, contains in fact ads taken from a few different Signals. They have been combined into one magazine, inner 80 pages have been printed on web offset on light yellow paper, the multicolor glossy cover pages are fine four color offset work on better paper stock, even the new layout is good but the front page photos are not from the original Signal magazines !
I would like to have a few hundred copies myself, for resale purposes...

Should I be angry or proud about this pirated Signal magazine ? I do not get any money from sale of the single copies, the money is "stolen" from me... But could I have arranged sale of thousands of Signal magazines in the Pakistani bookshops ? What about the printing expenses ? Color separations, distributing costs ??? Zero for me...

Who benefits from the pirated Signals? The economical profits go the printers and marketers in Karachi and Lahore, some bookshop owners and magazine retailers earn their commissions, too. Even some printers, paper dealers, lorry drivers may get bread thanks to the Signal ? Most Signal advertisers propably benefit from these pirated magazines, they may receive more replies to their ads from Asian countries...
This kind of "publishing business" has been going on for several years in Pakistan !

What to do about the pirated Signal magazines ? As I simply am NOT able to hinder their printing on the other side of the world I've done just the opposite. I try to increase Signal's readership by letting foreign penpal publishers reproduce my magazine legally for local resale anywhere in the world. I've sent co-operation (franchising, splitting of profits) offers to hundreds of publishers and printers. We should see the first "official" foreign Signal edition now in November 1998. Printing and distribution mainly in India...

If you are interested in publishing the local Signal-edition send just return postage US$ 1 or 2 International Reply Coupons for more details to
Signal-franchising, Raimo Kaarna - the publisher, Purokatu 18, FI-15200 Lahti, FINLAND.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Just received this penpal listing from Kenya... As you can see the email address is not complete, just the first part had been written.
Name, age, sex: James, 28
Address: KENYA
Email: jkamandi

If you do not write your email address entirely I do not get it at all. On the advertising form The Sender is always what you see below:
WWW Server < > .

Sunday March 15, 2015

Mail from Vanuatu? Click the stamps and see the entire envelope addressed to Signal...
To read fresh news about Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu, click this link: Hurricane news
Aid workers in Vanuatu...

Saturday March 14, 2014

Read 2000 newspapers
in your own language!

It is easy and simple.

Then select the newspaper from
a) gallery (pictures of front pages)
b) list (sort by region, continents)
c) map (select from map, countries)
d) click 'Web Site' above the frontpage

Copy the website address to the form, select
a) from which language
b) into your language
c) click translate button

You can now read the web pages of any language newspapers translated into your own language.
I was working in the local daily newspaper here in Lahti Finland from 1966 to 1989...

Monday February 16, 2015 Last week the postman placed a very interesting large envelope into my mailbox.
It was thick, heavy and surely made me very curious. The sender is Tetteh Kwao Richardsen in Koforidua - Eastern Region, Ghana, mailing date 23th of January 2015...

What did this envelope contain ? Take a look yourself.
A piece of colorful embroidered Fante cloth,
precious local handicraft with the text on it: Publisher Raimo Kaarna.
... and two lovely bracelets, handmade of stone beads, handpainted local art pieces...
What about the three-pages-long personal letter ? Want to read what this 24 years old journalism student has to say ?

Letters like this with fascinating valuable local handmade art items bring great joy to the life of the publisher of this website... Thank you Tetteh for your letter, it was greatly welcome. Best of luck to you in your journalism studies and in your personal life !

Raimo Kaarna, the publisher

P.S. All the Signal magazines - both the printed papers and web editions - have been issued by just ONE MAN for 55 years, from 1960 to 2015. Have mailed 382.000 copies around the world, and placed almost 5.000 pages on web... And the work is continued.

Signal's editorial office and publisher's home in Lahti Finland. It's cold here now, -16 degrees Celcius, and snow...

Tuesday January 27, 2015

Received an email from an impatient reader a few days ago...

Re: Where is My Friend's Subscription? I Sent You $10 on Nov 8.
Thank you for your email and also the order for sample copy of the Signal... The letter was received in December, possibly you sent it by surface mail taking some 40-45 days from USA to Finland. The first line on the address label is:
 and this means:
 11=the 11th letter of Dec 2014
 - = personal info was NOT received
 rkk = my initials, previous correspondence 
 USD= USA dollars
 10 = ten dollars received
 sig2014=Signal issue of 2014 is sent
and the sample copy of the Signal (not any subscription) is addressed to: Christopher Dye 805217 3899 State Highway 98 New Boston TX 75570, USA.

Usually I do stuff 50-100-150 letters at a time at intervals of 1-2 months and copies are sent by SURFACE MAIL taking some 45 days to USA. Airmail costs more US$2 extra. The next mailing within 1-2 weeks, at first I'll print some additional pages containing the snailmail ads of November-December 2014 and January 2015.
Thanks for patience, the copy will SURELY be sent finally.
Raimo Kaarna, the Publisher

I did print six new pages of the Signal during the last weekend, continued the work today by stuffing the envelopes, glueing the postage stamps and will take a bit over 50 letters to the post office tomorrow, on Wednesday. Christoper as well as the other paying 'customers' will receive their Signal copies soon !
Thursday January 15, 2015 at 0:11

Watch live TV from Bangladesh

Thursday January 8, 2015

8.1.2015 11:39:18
Izabella Csabaiová CZ wrote:

Dear Signal.
From 1962 I am your pen-pal. I can thank you from bottom of mine heart that today I have pals, collectors - I am a Great hobbyst for dolls, coins, stamps, banknotes ... that today I have in 85 lands contact.

Thank you for email Izabella. It's a pleasure to see that the SIGNAL (est. 1960) still has reliable long-standing readers around the world...
Raimo Kaarna, the publisher

Wednesday December 31, 2014

Happy New Year 2015
to all the Signal readers

This New Year card is changed hourly
All the cards are from 1900's, 1910's and 1920's and originally mailed to the grand aunties of Signal's publisher, Raimo Kaarna.

Sunday December 28, 2014

Just received an email from a very old Signal-reader in Holland... Take a look at the contents:

Dear Mr Kaarna,
Wish you a very happy new year!
I am no longer looking for penpals but, still get letters from time to time. Could you please remove my listing from the site?

I first came in contact with SIGNAL all the way back in 1976/77 in SRI LANKA [CEYLON]. We found an old copy, i don't know how it found it's way to SRI LANKA, and me and my friends wrote to people all over the world.

It was very exciting to get letters from people from all over the place, that was our only means of contact with the world in those days, there was no TV/INTERNET in CEYLON at the time. Thank you for the many happy encounters that, that simple magazine gave us.

It's nice to see that you are still providing people with the chance of making friends even in this very different age of communication. I wish you all the happiness and good health in the years to come!

best wishes, A D HAYIM


Thank you for your nice letter and memories of 1976-77, Daniel. I've already deleted your ad from the normal web Signal a few moments ago but have to continue my work a bit later to remove your old penpal listing also from the pdf-version of the Signal. That ad was composed with the pdf-software of early 2000's on one of my old computers, and I don't have the pdf-software in my current computer using Windows 8.1 software.
But I will solve the problem soon anyhow...

Happy New Year 2015 to you and all the other readers, too !

P.S. Also the latter advertisement was just deleted from tabloidsignal2.pdf

Take a look at THIS VIDEO to see how it is possible...



Test the new faster Signal !!

Friday November 21, 2014

150 Signals and Big Mails were posted to the readers about 6-8 weeks ago...
Now I have started receiving replies to these snailmail letters to my street address Purokatu 18, FI-15200 Lahti, Finland.
There are letters from Cuba, Italy, France, Canada, USA, Holland, Korea, Brazil, Jersey, some have been written in Spanish which I have never studied ! Will start composing the penpal listings from these letters to Signal pages soon.

Some of the computers used when doing editorial and layout work

Monday October 27, 2014

NEW SIGNAL MAGAZINE PRINTED ! Ten color pages, A4 size, 350 penpal ads, several photos... Order your copy now,
US$ 10 or Euro 10 postpaid.

Friday October 24, 2014 at 10:42:13

Just received today several emails with information of finally getting rich:

1) Dear Winner, This is to inform you that your email address have won a prize award money of One Million United States Dollars, ($1,000,000.00) in our ongoing 2014 monthly prize award promotions, which was organized and sponsored
2) I will also issue you a letter of authority that will prove you as the new beneficiary of my family treasure ($18.5million)
3) Hi, Enclosed the file relating to our Global Payment Advice on 20141022 issued at the instance of our customer.
4) trust worthy person that can help me move funds in the tune of $250,000,000.00 (Two Hundred and Fifty Million USD
5) According to my payment file, you have an outstanding compensation payment of $500,000.00 USD approved by the
6) like to intimate you with my letter of intent of a legal business-proposal you can handle directly from your country, which is of a complementary benefit mutually with no peril
7) am a banker there is a business i want you to handle for me valued $ 31.5m American Dollars please note there is no risk
8) Of Transferring The Left Over Sum Of ($10.5 Million Dollars) That Belongs To Late
9) Debit card with cash equivalent of $5.5 Million USD which you will use to withdraw your money in any
Why to ask for my bank account number, age, sex, address etc to be able to send all that money to me. Let's make it in an easier way, just pack the banknotes - the bigger the better - into bundles of 100 and stuff them into an envelope and mail to my street address. No vain costs to you or to me...

I receive now some 150-200 emails daily, almost half of them are similar to the above examples. The criminals are fishing for your own money by promising incredible and impossible profits or commissions.

Saturday August 16, 2014


I downloaded the NVU html-editor from year 2005 to my Mac G5 computer to be able to correct these Signal-pages also with the Apple using Mac OS X. Also this Mac is some ten years old but it is faster than my Windows 7 computer...

In the W7 computer I use the 1st Page 2000 software to write the html-code, old but good software! I can make the pages exactly such as I want them to look like.

When I added a few new penpal ads using the NVU html-editor to a file written with the 1st Page 2000 html-editor the entire code was simply ruined. There were all kinds of extra html-tags and code on the page, it did not look the same as earlier.

It seems to me that Apple does not understand Windows and vice versa, even though html-coding is simply text editing of the commands. Had to rewrite the newest page from top to toe, that's why it looks a bit different now. Used the Windows 7 and 1stPage2000 doing it because I'm accustomed to it.

Monday July 14 2014

I received my 50 years old Harting single record player from Germany last week

Found it on German eBay auctions, the price was Euros 55 and postage to Finland was Euros 16,99. A friend was just doing some tinkering to connect it to my stereo systems. Now everything functions properly and I can play the below "not for sale" "disc jockey records" and "promotional records" from WHLM-radio station in USA, mainly from 60's and 70's. Some photos below...

Friday July 11 2014

Mimi from Indonesia visited Signal's editorial office in Lahti Finland today !

Publisher's computer expert friend Seppo was cycling with his lady friend Mimi in the neighborhood and they paid a visit to me, too. We were discussing about the Indonesian wooden and bone carvings which Signal received 40-50 years ago from Kuo Wei Yong in Bali islands.

We took a look at Signal's other website called - - listing some 30-40 Indonesian penpal papers issued in the last 30-40 years. Visit the site and search for the country INDONESIA to see more details. --- Internet has "killed" 99 % of the over 1.000 printed penpal publications with which I used to swap ad space, sample copies and circular mailing. PITY !

The photo was taken by Seppo, Mimi on left, Raimo on right...

Look inside this 100 years old
fine art album by '-mari -14'

Excellent drawings and water color illustrations, 36 original art pieces from year 1914...
I bought this small album from a local fleamarket here in Lahti Finland in November 2009.
Saturday, June 28 2014

I want to buy this record player with the changer for 12 singles !!!!!

Bought exactly the same player here in Lahti Finland in 1959 when 16 years of age, now I am 71 already. I used to received single disc jockey records in lots of 50-100 different at a time from a friend working in the WHLM radio station in USA, gave good Finnish and foreign postage stamps in return. In all I received far over 1.000 different singles of latest hit music... That's how I got the idea also for my SIGNAL paper established in 1960, still in 'business' on web as and

The needle of my Harting single player got ruined some 20-30 years ago. Tried to find a new one in the local shops, did not succeed. Took the player to a radio shop for repair, no one could help me. Later I managed to loose the entire machine, propably when getting divorced in early 90's ? Or then it was lost when moving back to my orginal childhood and current home.

Why to buy this over 50 years old Harting record player now when all the music can be listened to on web, on cds and dvds etc ? I just remembered the name of the manufacturer, Harting and of course searched for it on web. Found the above photo from Germany, on, it was just sold for Euros 7,50 + delivery cost Euro 7. Plattenspieler-Wilhelm-Harting-Model-G7JY1Q.

I am willing to pay Euro 50 + Euro 10 extra for the delivery to FINLAND !!!! I still have a few hundreds of those singles from 60's, 70's and 80's and I love old memories and old music...
Offers and details to Raimo Kaarna, Purokatu 18, FI-15200 Lahti, FINLAND.

That was my really fine stereo record player and radio from the 60's to 90's, also it is German made BRAUN Audio 1 TC 40. One is for sale from UK in eBay, the price now GBP 699 = EUR 882. Remember having picked it back to my own collections after 1992 divorce but could not find it today.

Have got some 600+ LPs from the 60's 70's and 80's, usually play them on my Sharp Optonica electronic disk processor RP-9100 and the stereos from year 1981...

Thursday June 5, 2014

What is a Friend

Lilian Faulkner - UK

Someone you can feel at easy with,
to tell your innermost thoughts,
knowing your friend will treat them as you would,
their bearing their soul to you.

Someone you'll never meet.
Yet you feel you have always known.
Perhaps in another time and place.

Someone who brings peace and calm serenity
with simple true simplicity
into a world where bitterness and hatred thrive.

As friends, may we know the good
and beautiful people, who are drawn together
in some strange unknown way.
This is how I see you, as "A Friend"
May God Bless and keep you well
and Happy Always.

This poem written by late Mrs Lilian Faulkner was originally issued in the Signal magazine issue 62 in 1985.
Sunday May 11, 2014

Select your penfriends and write direct to them ! FREE !

The advertisements in the Signal consist of the names - age - sex with email and snailmail addresses, languages, education and hobbies. Select your new friends from the advertisers now and start writing. Correspondence via email and snailmail is fun. Tell about yourself, your country, your hometown, your life, hobbies, friends, dreams, etc. Meet each other while travelling abroad, have fun together...

Hobbyists, widen your collections. Start swapping phonecards, computer software, DVDs, CDs, cassettes, stamps, coins, banknotes, dolls, anything... Write and tell what you want to get and what you can give in return.

Always take the first step in penpalling - to receive a letter from abroad you must write a letter! Mention the Signal magazine when writing. And advertise here FREE, photos welcome. Use the form !

Thursday May 1, 2014

- Rubens of the North...

The video art of Kari Tykkyläinen is inspired by the swamps of his hometown of Siurua, Finland, as well as housewives and their seam stockings. YouTube is the new forum for this sculptor, who has received various prizes for his art...

Monday April 07 2014

pages finally printed...

Some of the print edition readers are losing their patience when having been forced to wait for their copies of the current Signal penpal magazine for months. I am really sorry for the long delay due to some changes in the circumstances. The next few days will be spent in collating the pages, stapling them together and after that I'll start stuffing envelopes to about 200 readers around the world. The Signal, both the print edition and six different web sites, is a one-man-show and I'm already 71 years old. Some patience and understanding is needed... Thanks for it !

Wednesday April 02 2014

Deleted some very old
C G I - s c r i p t s . . .

Received today a malware warning from Google Chrome about some CGI-scripts used on my web pages. Decided to follow the instructions and removed the links to almost ten very old pages: auction, chat, classifieds, guestbook, linkpage, messageboard, newsboard, shopping.
All these pages were totally removed to protect YOU from malware...

Friday March 21 2014

Ghanaian sexy photos...

Most of the ads of today were received from lovely ladies "living" in the same address PO Box AD 991 in Ghana. Over twenty ads have been published already, a few are still waiting. These ladies may be genuine honest single girls expecting to contact a man of their dreams, for the rest of their lives.

On the other hand, all ads from one and only PO Box address may be also from only one person ? Even from a man ? Who knows ? Someone might have collected studio quality photos for later use... If any of the girls asks for MONEY from you either for sending more "personal" photos, for "travelling" expenses to meet you somewhere or even in your own country simply don't send any money. Use your brains, don't be too naive, don't believe in every word received in your email.

Some foreign penpal publishers keep sending ads of their own customers for publishing. Usually they contain the advertiser's own and original postal address. There is a limit to these free riders, 5-10 daily is the maximum, bigger amounts from one source must be paid for. Read the info pages for details.

Tuesday, March 4 2014

What is it like
to be a Finn?

Tuesday, February 11 2014

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics February 7 - February 23
Unforgetable moments just watching on tv the young athletes from all over the world, the joy of life, the spirit of olympics... Oil and gas money well spent for the people of Russia and the entire world.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Geocounter - that counter seems to have been stopped last night... Yesterday the number of hits was 169882, today just one! And even that is only a part of the truth. Now at 17:20 it seems to have been restarted again.

The Signal has been issued since January 1960, some 350.000 copies have been printed and in general magazines have some 5-6 readers per copy printed. This means almost two million readers by now.

When I established the web Signal in 1997 I quite soon got a great amount of readers. Swapped links with any other web site, 10-20 daily. Sent letters to hundreds of printed papers and magazines worldwide with the latest printed Signal, many of them published articles about the Signal and me.

The counters have been reset when my websites were moved from one server to another, the new counter always started from zero. And I've got Signal published on almost one hundred different servers around the world, just a few of them have any counters at all. One of the 'oldest' and best counters of my current main website is "eXTReMe Tracking - Internet - Cool Sites" used since 1999.

Some facts by eXTReMe here:
Summary Period: 4476 Days Unique Visitors 363048 - 80.18% Visits incl. Reloads 452751 Reloads 89703 - 19.81% Visits via Referrers 107737 - 29.67% Website Referrers 7578 Highest Day 279 / 03 May, Mon, 2004 Highest Week 1532 / Wk 18, 2004 Highest Month 5986 / Apr, 2004 Monthly Unique: Current Month 2370 / Jan, 2014 Last Month 2065 / Dec, 2013 Average 2327 Searchengine Google Keyword penpal Domains / Countries Unique Visitors - Unknown 128590 35.41% com United States 42578 11.72% fi Finland 35636 9.81% in India 12790 3.52% uk United Kingdom 12221 3.36% de Germany 8972 2.47% gh Ghana 5281 1.45% net Network 4738 1.30% ca Canada 4528 1.24% ng Nigeria 4003 1.10% pk Pakistan 3477 0.95% kr Korea, Republic of 3459 0.95% cn China 3454 0.95% et Ethiopia 3284 0.90% ci Cote D'Ivoire 3169 0.87% sa Saudi Arabia 3168 0.87% jp Japan 3111 0.85% se Sweden 3003 0.82% es Spain 3001 0.82% it Italy 2884 0.79% sn Senegal 2744 0.75% my Malaysia 2742 0.75% ch Switzerland 2575 0.70% fr France 2355 0.64% lk Sri Lanka 2230 0.61% au Australia 2209 0.60% sg Singapore 2156 0.59% be Belgium 2009 0.55% il Israel 1822 0.50% nl Netherlands 1808 0.49% ph Philippines 1791 0.49% ke Kenya 1662 0.45% ae United Arab Emirates 1625 0.44% kw Kuwait 1587 0.43% ie Ireland 1573 0.43% dz Algeria 1555 0.42% ru Russian Federation 1550 0.42% gw Guinea-Bissau 1471 0.40% eg Egypt 1468 0.40% ir Iran, Islamic Republic of 1453 0.40% tr Turkey 1451 0.39% za South Africa 1386 0.38% bd Bangladesh 1340 0.36% gm Gambia 1322 0.36% hk Hong Kong 1233 0.33% om Oman 1011 0.27% ug Uganda 984 0.27% br Brazil 981 0.27% tw Taiwan 960 0.26% eu Europe 917 0.25% pl Poland 822 0.22% np Nepal 778 0.21% ee Estonia 759 0.20% ma Morocco 756 0.20% no Norway 742 0.20% lt Lithuania 741 0.20% tg Togo 665 0.18% id Indonesia 623 0.17% dk Denmark 550 0.15% hu Hungary 539 0.14% tz Tanzania, United Republic of 522 0.14% hr Croatia 517 0.14% pt Portugal 509 0.14% th Thailand 502 0.13% gr Greece 494 0.13% qa Qatar 487 0.13% mu Mauritius 481 0.13% bj Benin 478 0.13% ye Yemen 446 0.12% cz Czech Republic 438 0.12% at Austria 412 0.11% mt Malta 395 0.10% tn Tunisia 381 0.10% sy Syrian Arab Republic 380 0.10% nz New Zealand 324 0.08% ua Ukraine 323 0.08% mx Mexico 312 0.08% lv Latvia 310 0.08% jo Jordan 308 0.08% ro Romania 286 0.07% bf Burkina Faso 280 0.07% gn Guinea 265 0.07% tt Trinidad and Tobago 262 0.07% zw Zimbabwe 253 0.06% zm Zambia 228 0.06% lb Lebanon 211 0.05% bh Bahrain 190 0.05% edu US Educational 183 0.05% cm Cameroon 171 0.04% cy Cyprus 167 0.04% vn Vietnam 157 0.04% sk Slovakia 151 0.04% bg Bulgaria 139 0.03% ar Argentina 135 0.03% pr Puerto Rico 134 0.03% lu Luxembourg 133 0.03% ec Ecuador 127 0.03% ly Libyan Arab Jamahiriya 121 0.03% pg Papua New Guinea 116 0.03% mw Malawi 113 0.03% si Slovenia 108 0.02% bt Bhutan 89 0.02% mr Mauritania 88 0.02% gy Guyana 88 0.02% ve Venezuela 87 0.02% gt Guatemala 86 0.02% yu Yugoslavia 81 0.02% mil US Military 81 0.02% lr Liberia 74 0.02% rw Rwanda 74 0.02% mv Maldives 73 0.02% sd Sudan 73 0.02% mc Monaco 72 0.01% fj Fiji 67 0.01% by Belarus 63 0.01% pe Peru 62 0.01% is Iceland 60 0.01% uy Uruguay 60 0.01% ps Palestinian Territory, Occupied 59 0.01% ga Gabon 57 0.01% ml Mali 57 0.01% iq Iraq 55 0.01% cl Chile 54 0.01% org Non-Profit Organizations 53 0.01% jm Jamaica 50 0.01% kh Cambodia 44 0.01% er Eritrea 39 0.01% co Colombia 38 0.01% bw Botswana 38 0.01% cu Cuba 36 0.00% sz Swaziland 35 0.00% bn Brunei Darussalam 35 0.00% lc Saint Lucia 33 0.00% cv Cape Verde 32 0.00% na Namibia 30 0.00% kn Saint Kitts and Nevis 29 0.00% bb Barbados 29 0.00% ba Bosnia and Herzegovina 27 0.00% ge Georgia 26 0.00% bi Burundi 26 0.00% kz Kazakhstan 25 0.00% pa Panama 22 0.00% mk Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of 21 0.00% sc Seychelles 21 0.00% am Armenia 20 0.00% mz Mozambique 20 0.00% cr Costa Rica 19 0.00% mn Mongolia 18 0.00% bz Belize 17 0.00% az Azerbaijan 16 0.00% gu Guam 16 0.00% ht Haiti 15 0.00% do Dominican Republic 15 0.00% mm Myanmar 14 0.00% ne Niger 13 0.00% bo Bolivia 13 0.00% bs Bahamas 13 0.00% mg Madagascar 13 0.00% ni Nicaragua 11 0.00% arpa Old style Arpanet 11 0.00% dj Djibouti 10 0.00% sr Suriname 10 0.00% ao Angola 10 0.00% uz Uzbekistan 9 0.00% gov US Government 9 0.00% an Netherlands Antilles 9 0.00% md Moldova, Republic of 8 0.00% dm Dominica 7 0.00% sl Sierra Leone 6 0.00% af Afghanistan 6 0.00% ag Antigua and Barbuda 6 0.00% sv El Salvador 6 0.00% al Albania 6 0.00% ap Asia/Pacific Region 6 0.00% bm Bermuda 6 0.00% vu Vanuatu 5 0.00% gl Greenland 5 0.00% vi Virgin Islands, U.S. 5 0.00% ls Lesotho 5 0.00% gi Gibraltar 5 0.00% fo Faroe Islands 4 0.00% tj Tajikistan 4 0.00% py Paraguay 4 0.00% la Lao People's Democratic Republic 4 0.00% vc Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 3 0.00% gd Grenada 3 0.00% vg Virgin Islands, British 2 0.00% gq Equatorial Guinea 2 0.00% kg Kyrgyzstan 2 0.00% hn Honduras 2 0.00% ad Andorra 2 0.00% cg Congo 2 0.00% mo Macao 2 0.00% pf French Polynesia 2 0.00% mq Martinique 1 0.00% va Vatican City State 1 0.00% gp Guadeloupe 1 0.00% st Sao Tome and Principe 1 0.00% tm Turkmenistan 1 0.00% fm Micronesia, Federated States of 1 0.00% mp Northern Mariana Islands 1 0.00% aw Aruba 1 0.00% as American Samoa 1 0.00% sb Solomon Islands 1 0.00% to Tonga 1


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The above New Year cards are from years 1907, 1912 and 1925, and all were addressed to the sister of my grandmother... I myself am now 71 years old, like collecting all old items like postcards, postage stamps, matchbox labels, even old computers etc. And this hobby is just waste of time and money as any fellow collector knows ! But collecting is nice and interesting, to know your future you must know also your past.
Happy collecting and
Happy New Year to you !
Raimo Kaarna, the publisher

Raimo Kaarna, Purokatu 18,
FI-15200 Lahti, FINLAND - Your ad FREE !

December Wednesday 4, 2013

Compare this new page layout to
the old layout and tell me your opinion...
Do you prefer this FASTER downloading new front page or the old SLOWER front page of the ???

December 2, 2013

Have you already started writing some CHRISTMAS CARDS to your friends abroad ? Or to your local friends ?

It's time to think about it now, the Xmas rush is real in postal services worldwide even though the amount of letters, postcards, invoices, newspapers etc via postal services is decreasing day by day...
Here in Finland postal workers are afraid of losing their jobs within a few years, possibly one third of them may really be in danger. The newspapers delivery costs will go up with about 10 % via postal services, and the circulations go down just like in USA, the journalists are losing their jobs, too.
Beginning January 1st 2014 the first class postage stamp for the letter will cost in Finland Euro 1.00 = US$ 1.35 ! That is crazy, quite to much...
Tuesday, November 12, 2013 at 00:42:37

What kind of computers
does it take to publish this website
and the printed Signal?

Well, the incoming snailmail is archieved with an old Compaq Contura 430CX and Wordstar 3.3. software using DOS operating system... The address labels and ad texts are then copied on 3.5 disks to another computer using Windows 7 operating system and Pagemake 7 software, the photos are taken with over 10 years old Sony Digital Mavica still camera on 3.5 disks, and then taken into Photoshop 6 for resizing etc. The web pages are done using 1st Page 2000 software, also it is over ten years old. As you may see in the photo I've got several other old computers and b&w and color laser printers, etc. Operating systems vary from DOS to Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Apple's Mac OS X 10.2, Linux Ubuntu, and even Android and CP/M...
The printed Signal has been issued since 1960, on web since 1997.

the Signal gave away old machinery :

- 3 offset printing presses,
two Gestetners, and one Roto
- 3 digital duplicators, Ricoh Priport
- 1 Morisawa Photo Headliner
- 2 electronic IBM Composers
- 1 NuArc repro camera
- 1 photo enlarging machine
- 1 offset plate maker
- 1 paper collator, 1 paper folder
- 1 computer cash register
- 20 desktop computers
- 2 portable Kaypro computers
- 6 computer monitors, 2 scanners
- 4 b&w laser printers, 1 color printer
- 2 inkjet printers
- 3 electronic typewriters
- 4 refrigerators, 1 color-tv, 2 phones
- 1 easy chair, 4 office chairs
Four men were loading the lorry for 4 hours
Buying price US$ 30.000-50.000 in the last 40 years - now I had to pay 50 Euro = US$ 70 to get rid of them !

and publisher's home in Lahti
Do NOT use the old PO Box address,
it is NOT valid now !

TO 100 COUNTRIES NOW ! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



Don't send any money !!!!

Dozens of scammers exposed here ! Beware of scams "Work in our Hotel", "International Youth Conference", "Help me get Millions out of the Country" etc. Beware of typical scam scenarios and illegal chain letters.
Read also warnings by 4ppl and connectingsingles about the scammers !

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    DZSG16+ Far Star Penfriend World, Magda-Maria, PO Box 218, F Khezzar, DZ-05000 Batna; ALGERIA. A5, 52 pages, photocopy, penpals, swappers, club ads, current issue US$ 6 + US$ 2 (postage and shipping) or 20 IRCs with free listing. Email:

    B R = B R A Z I L
    BRSH35+ Filacap 178 Aug 2013, CP 6, BR-12630-970 Cachoeira Paulista SP, BRAZIL. A4, offset, 24 pages quarterly:
    150 collectors, swap ads, penpals, clubs. In Spanish, Portuguese, French and English. Sample US$ 2, Euro 2 or 2 IRC. 4 issues and 4 ads US$ 20, Euro 20 or 20 IRCs. Next issue and 30 words advertisement US$ 5, Euro 5 or 5 IRCs. Email: - Homepage:

    BRSG18+ Brazil Hobby Club May 2013, Rubens Bonetti, PO Box 44, BR-87770-000 Sao Carlos Do Ivai PR, BRAZIL. A3, 8 pages, photocopied, 50+ penpals, collectors and club ads; sample and listing $ 5, Euro 5 or 10 different uncirculated banknotes.

    BYSF31+ Revukic 2013, Zelenkevitch,
    PO Box 156, BY-220013 Minsk, BELARUS. 20 A6 pages, photocopy, 300 penpals, stamps, coins, marriage. Send US$ 5 for sample copy, your ad and the next issue US$ 6. for sample copy with your ad.

    CA = C A N A D A
    CAMJ15+ STRANGERS ARE FRIENDS WE HAVEN?T MET ! I would like to introduce you to some new friends.
    Send USA $ 2 cash or 2 IRCs for many addresses of your new friends.
    Mrs Sharon Smith, PO Box 445, CA-L2A-5N2 Fort Erie, Ontario, CANADA

    CASF30+ Mr SLid Newspaper 2013, Luigi Spatola, DEPCMI, Suite 46, McCreary Trail, CA-L7E-2C9 Bolton ON, CANADA.
    A4, 4 pages, photocopy, 50+ ads, 1" CR ad US$ 2, 2" CR ad US$ 3, cash.

    Worldwide Penpal Club Directory 2013


    GBRF19+ The Postcard Rambler 41/2012, Martin Rees, First floor flat, 29 Countisbury Ave, GB-CF3-5RN Llanrumney; Cardiff, South Wales; GREAT BRITAIN.
    A4 photocopy, 6 pages, 100 ads, 50 words US$ 10, Euro 10, 15 unused postcards of maps, owls, birds of prey, steam trains, lighthouses, football stadiums, sand armies

    GBSG19ph12+ OUT OF BUSINESS, MAIL RETURNED JULY 2013 :Destiny International, PO Box 10, GB-LS12-1YZ Leeds, ENGLAND

    IN = I N D I A

    INRK35+ Kaul?s Ad-Varsha 48/2012, Sanjay Kaul, 1/8536 Naveen Shahdara, IN-110032 Delhi, INDIA. 4 offset printed A4-pages, 2000 circulation, mail traders, penpals, collectors, 70 ads, sample $ 1, Euro 1, £ 1 or 2 IRCs; 40 words $ 3, Euro 3, £ 2.

    INPF17+ Friendship for Peace 2011, Harbans Dhingra, B-9 New Moti Nagar,
    IN-110015 New Delhi, INDIA. A4, 8 pages, photocopy, 70+ penpals, club ads, sample by air $ 3, Euro 3 with free listing.

    INPK19+ The Blooms 2011, K V V S Murthy, 13-5-169 Ashok Nagar Colony,
    IN-507111 Bhadrachalam AP, INDIA. A4, 2 offset printed pages, 8 mail order ads, 7 penpals, sample $ 5, Euro 3 or 5 IRCs, your listing $ 3, Euro 2 or 2 IRCs.

    INRC34+ Cat Club 2012, S Chowdhury,
    PO Box 17108, Tollygunge HPO, IN-700033 Kolkata, INDIA. A4, 8 photo copied pages, 45 penpals, 14 club ads. Yearly 2 issues,
    $ 5, Euro 5, £ 3, 10 IRCs with your ad.

    INNG10+ Jaihind Int?l Friendship Magazine, Mr Vicky, Post Box 232, IN-781001 Guwahati, INDIA. Fine B5-size offset magazine, 26 pages, 20 Indian and 20 foreign penpals, photos, club ads, trade contacts, articles, news. Sample US$ 2 or 4 IRCs, yearly US$ 20 or 40 IRCs

    INSC3+ Gala International, (Pen Pals Pulse), Rameswar Patro, House No 04/129, IN-761110 Aska, Odisha INDIA.
    A4, 2 pages, some 30 club addresses.Info $ 1 or 2 IRCs. Web:

    INSC3+ Brief-Enough 2011, Gala of Galaxy, 2011/JY Sunambo, IN-761110 Aska, Odisha, INDIA. A5, offset, 30 pages, 400 addresses of book stores and penpal clubs.

    INSG17+ Swapnil Info 2013, 69/J-1513 Gurukripa, Shanti Vihar Colony, Danganiya, IN-492013 Raipur CG; INDIA. A4, 2 pages, 10 mail order ads, sample US$ 1 or 3 IRCs, 30 words US$ 4. * Global Ad News, A5,
    4 photocopied pages, 30 words $ 4.

    INPM16+ Friendship For Peace 2011, Harbans Dhingra, B-9 New Motinagar, IN-110015 New Delhi, INDIA. A4, 8 pages, photocopy, 50+ penpals and collectors, sample US$ 5, free ad.

    INPK13- Glorious Ad Info, Himanshu Jaiswal, B-228 Awas Vikas Colony,
    IN-261001 Sitapur UP, INDIA. A4, offset printed, 2 pages, 30 mail order ads, sample copy US$ 1, classified ad US$ 5.

    Worldwide Penpal Club Directory 2013

    Penpals, collectors, mail order ! Buy sample copies and advertise abroad... All the club listings below are based on the sample copies of their publications received during 2013 2012 2011.

    I R = I R A Q

    IQPD38a- Alserkal Group, Kanaan Adnan, PO Box 55252 Central Post Office, Baghdad; IRAQ. Collectors, penpals, Iraq and Arab countries. Membership US$ 10 or Euro 10. Email:

    IL = I S R A E L

    ILRE7+ Newsletter 36/2012, Meir Kasirer, PO Box 1521, IL-52115 Ramat-Gan, ISRAEL. A4, 1 page, photocopied,
    26 collectors. FREE. I collect stamps, FDCs, coins, banknotes, viewcards, write.

    IT = I T A L Y

    ITRK20- Guida Renato, Via Pasini 31-H, IT-36033 Isola Vicentina VI, ITALY. Address list of 200 papers for friendship, collectors, marriage etc US$ 10 or 10 Euros, with your ad.

    ITRC45- Il Filatelico 2012, Quintavalle Alberto, Via Dei Mille n. 18, IT-35141 Padova PD, ITALY. A5, 40 pages, philatelic articles about thematic stamps and cancellations in Italian, stamps etc.

    Worldwide Penpal Club Directory 2013

    Penpals, collectors, mail order ! Buy sample copies and advertise abroad... All the club listings below are based on the sample copies of their publications received during 2013 2012 2011.

    JP = J A P A N

    JPSJ20+ Worldwide Friendship - June-September 2013, Kiyoko Inaba, 192 Shimokounushi, Kaminokawa-machi, Kawachi-gun, JP-329-0529 Tochigi-ken, JAPAN. A5, 48 laser printed pages, 300 penpals, collectors, penpal club ads, free listing, sample $ 10, Euro 10 or 10 IRCs. Sample copy and your ad in the next issue $ 20, Euro 20 or 20 IRCs. Info $ 1, Euro 1 or 2 IRCs.

    JPSF34+ Mail Art - Brain Cell 861 - 2013, Ryosuke Cohen, 3-76-1-A-613 Yagumo- kitacho, Moriguchi-City, Osaka 570; JAPAN. Real mail art, address lists, information $ 5 or 5 IRCs.
    On web:
    * SIGNAL RECOMMENDS, these are REAL mail art works...

    JPRK7-+DGAF Japanese Pen Pals, 960-9 Shigedomi, Ezu Machi; Higashi-ku, Kumamoto-shi, JP-826-0947 Kumamoto-ken; JAPAN. Penpals, business fun, marriage. Web site:


    KZSG9+ Tien Shan 2013, Pyotr Mostrenko, Zhandosova 21, PO Box 39, KZ-050057 Almaty, KAZAKHSTAN. Laser printed penpal lists, A4, 24 pages, 190 penpals and collectors, club ads, 14 photos, sample copy $ 5, Euro 4, GB£ 3. Your ad & checking copy $ 5, Euro 5, £ 4. Info $ 2, Euro 2, GB£ 2, 2 IRCs.

    Worldwide Penpal Club Directory 2013

    Penpals, collectors, mail order ! Buy sample copies and advertise abroad... All the club listings below are based on the sample copies of their publications received during 2013 2012 2011.

    KR = K O R E A

    KRSH34+ World Hobbies Bulletin 77/2012, Hobby Exchange Club, PO Box 80, KR-300-600 Dae Jeon, KOREA. A5, 12 photo copied pages, 100+ collectors and penpals, 20 words $ 2 or 3 IRCs. Two issues & free ad $ 5, Euro 5 or 6 IRCs.

    MO = M A C A O

    MOPE11+ List for Collectors 80/2011,
    Ngan Kei Chi, PO Box 372, MACAO.
    A5, 8 pages, photocopy, 40 collectors, 30 club ads world-wide, swap offers etc. Your 20 words FREE, checking copy 50 good large stamps. 8 Macau view-cards for 100 good large stamps.

    NP = N E P A L

    NPRB25+ T C S International 2012, PO Box 4355, Kathmandu, NEPAL. 68 pages, A5, good offset printed friendship magazine, 150 penpals, 100 photos, sample $ 2, your ad $ 5, Euro 5 or 10 IRCs.
    Web site:

    PK = P A K I S T A N

    PKRC43- Friends of Friends 2012, A B Khawaja, Post Box No 996, PK-38000 Faisalabad, PAKISTAN. Offset printed quarterly B5 magazine, 18 pages, 300 penpals in English, 60 color photos, 145 b&w photos; 32 pages and 500 ads in Urdu, sample US$ 5, your ad $ 3. Girls, send your smiling face color photo for the cover page...

    PKSF32+ The Stamp Trader 2013, S Wahid A Shah, PO Box No 6, PK-77150 Larkana, PAKISTAN. A5, offset, 20 pages, 80 collectors ads. Sample copy and free ad US$ 3 cash or mint stamps, 200 used stamps or 6 uncirculated banknotes or 6 FDCs.

    PKPG27+ Bahawal Philatelic Bulletin 2011, Dr M Kamran, 66 Welcome Gate Colony, Railway Road, PK-63100 Bahawalpur, PAKISTAN. A5, 20 pages, laser printed, 40 ads, collectors, clubs, philatelic news. Membership US$ 10, Euro 10, £ 7 or 20 IRCs, with your 40 words advertisement.

    P T = P O R T U G A L

    PTPF20+ Oceanus 2011, Rute Santos, Quinta do Rego, PT-3350-211 S Miguel de Polares, PORTUGAL. A4, 6 pages, photocopy, 80 collectors ads, US$ 5, Euro 5 or 6 IRCs with your ad.

    R U = R U S S I A

    RUSG4-+Victor Anferov, PO Box 73, RU-630106 Novosibirsk, RUSSIA. The largest collection of football badges, programs, tickets, autographs etc. A5, 16 photocopied pages in Russian.

    S E = S W E D E N

    SERK4+ Atalaya Cinderella Magazine 2012/13, Christer Brunström, Kungs-gatan 23, SE-30246 Halmstad, SWEDEN. A5, 12 photocopied pages, articles about ?dead? country stamps, philatelic oddities. Sample $ 3, 25 words $ 1.

    UA = U K R A I N E

    UASF33+ Best Friends June 2013, V Taftaj, PO Box 33, UA-54050 Mykolaiv 50, UKRAINE. A5, 20 pages, laser printed, 60 penpals and collectors, club ads, your listing and sample $ 3, Euro 3 or 5 IRCs.


    USSC16+ ?Mingle? Vietnam Friendship Magazine 2012, The F.O.G. Corporation, PO Box 17733, Honolulu, Hawaii 968117, USA. 20 photocopies A5 pages of charming Vietnamese ladies, fables, culture, tradition, stamps, membership. Subscribe today,
    1 year US$ 15.


    That's what the printed SIGNALs looked like from 1979 to 2004... The size was usually tabloid, 5.000 copies.

    SIGNAL issues from 1969 to 1973 were magazine size. 10.000 copies per issue...

    Signals 1988-89, photocopied

    Offset printed Signals 1990-91

    All Signals 1995-2007 were digitally printed by your publisher

    Signals 2007-08 color laser printed

    SIGNALs 1960-69 were mimeographed and offset printed, 1.000 circulation, my address the same as now in 2013.