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Friday July 27, 2018
I've been scanning old Signals - thousands of pages - for the last weeks. Got finally the work done, take a look now !

of 1960-2000 printed on paper
in actual size & colors

as they were issued in those
40 years - over 1 0 0 separate issues, and thousands and thousands of penpals and photos, collectors, mail order ads, penpal clubs far over from 100 countries, interesting news and editorials...
1960-1969 = 6.500 penpals
1970-1979 = 10.850 penpals
1980-1989 = 16.700 penpals
1990-1999 = 18.400 penpals 1997-2017
on web already for 20 years...

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Have you tested
THE FASTER OPENING SIGNAL lately, within one week or so... It is a bit different from this bigger and slower version but you can read
ALL THE PENPAL LISTINGS FROM TWENTY YEARS - 1997-2017 - easily just by clicking a few links ! Use Signal's own search to find your old friends again or your own old penpal ads. Should the text be updated ?

The world around us undergoes changes every day. Also our website - - keeps changing. Take a look at year 1997, then 2007 and 2017... In 2003 I had to start a new web page EVERY DAY, some 30-60 readers sent their free penpal ads and photos for publishing, that was before the period of 'social media' and facebook or other similar sites. The internet giants have done great harm to smaller websites, many have even died, gone out of 'business' as you know.

The Signal is not 'a business', it is a free service to those who want want personal contacts - penpals - collectors - soulmates - dating - even meeting - behind the borders of countries, behind the language barriers... FREE !!!

RAIMO KAARNA, the publisher

from 2018 onwards, FREE of course.

Having been publishing the Signal penpal magazine since January 1960 at the age of 16 I've come to a turning point in this publishing hobby... In 58 years the postman has carried nearly 200.000 letters to my earlier box address and to my home office street address. And I've personally packed the printed Signal-magazines into almost 200.000 envelopes and taken them to the nearest post office to send them to you, the readers. The total amount of printed paper Signals is almost 400.000 copies !

Download the January 2004 SIX DEGREES magazine
and read the SIGNAL-article "Friends within a letter's reach". It opens for you on pages 6, 7 and 8.
The printed Signal magazine - - is a one-man-hobby-business. Every word in all the penpal listings has been written, edited and layouted by just one person, me - Raimo Kaarna. I am now 75 years old.... This older age forces me to reduce my 'work burden' - I have to take it easier. Therefore year 2017 was the last year when the Signal had two different versions -
this web edition on the internet and the smaller one printed on paper.

From 2018 onwards
is available, FREE of course.

If you want to get PRINTED SIGNALS you have to print them yourself with your computer and your printer.

Raimo Kaarna in 1989 at his office in the daily newspaper Etelä-Suomen Sanomat in Lahti Finland
Hundreds of newspapers and magazines around the world have 'killed' their printed editions and gone entirely into the electronic publishing versions only. I was working in the local daily newspaper called Etelä-Suomen Sanomat - circulation over 50.000 - from 1966 to 1989. My job was to write ad texts, do the lay-outs, take care of ad space marketing and sales, design brochures and circulars, sales letters, keep up customers mailing lists etc. Similar work as with the printed Signal or nowadays with the, and my other websites.

I have stopped my paid subscription to my earlier employer's newspaper several years ago, even though I am an ex-newspaper professional. Anyhow I keep reading four different newspapers - the electronic versions - every day. And it costs to me simply NOTHING, the printed versions of these four Finnish newspapers would cost over 1.000 euros or 1.000 USA dollars yearly.

Keep reading the web edition of the Signal = - it is FREE !
Also your personal penpal listings are FREE, one ad monthly.

If you prefer international collectors swapping ads go to my other site - - your exchange wants and offers listed free.

Do you know what kind of printed penpal papers or collectors magazines were issued in the last 50 years ? Then visit

If you speak also the Finnish language look at - my website about my hometown Lahti - 100.000 inhabitants - in Finland. Also this website can be google-translated into English and 90 other languages.


SIGNAL READERS BACK IN 1970'S 80'S Raimo Kaarna, some letters from the readers Signal had its own offset printing press earlier Later it was printed on web offset presses Publisher's ex-wife with two Algerian readers A cold beer refreshens the publisher U.S. robot or puppet reader in the 80's Mr R P Agrawal, Indian businessman searching for... The publisher resting and enjoying the sun Happy 50th Anniversary of the Signal In West Germany a reader glanced the ads Raimo Kaarna in his Signal office Leyland K Stoddart in Philippines, philatelist and publisher Young reader in Hungary, Focht Sandor's son Arpad In Indonesia Arcole Ary Tandy helped Signal in circulation The publisher with a few letters, banknotes India - is this photo from Amritsar? Readers even in Libya, Kauidder Mekki Signal's computers in the 80's, excellent Some of the archieves back in 80's and 90's Signal has been quite popular in India The readers had to pay for their ads and Signals This reader, Wilfried Elsner, is from West Germany Thousands of Ghanaian Cedis, valueless now Two personal computers of the past years The latest tabloid Signals were issued in 2004 Mimi from Indonesia visited Signal in 2014 The Signals were laser printed in color in 2014

That's what the SIGNALs looked like from 1979 to 2004...
The size was usually tabloid, 5.000 copies.

SIGNAL issues from 1969 to 1973 were magazine size. 10.000 copies per issue...

Signals 1988-89, photocopied

Offset printed Signals 1990-91

All Signals 1995-2007 were digitally printed by your publisher

Signals 2007-08 color laser printed

SIGNALs 1960-69 were mimeographed and offset printed, 1.000 circulation, my address the same as now in 2013.

March 8 2018

A JOB INTERVIEW Instructions for you on web, facebook...

Friday, February 9, 2018

That's what your publisher looked like back in 1983, thirty five years ago... Take also a look at THE EDITORIAL of the 24-page multicolor SIGNAL INTERNATIONAL tabloid issue 60 - 8.000 circulation - 1700 ads worldwide. Read some 'old news' about Signal's new computers, guess how many letters were received yearly or daily... Worth reading if you want to learn something about penpal magazine publishing history. I'll scan more 'old news' from the past Signals for you later.

Happy reading -
Happy New Year 2018
to all the Signal readers

Bangladesh calling - Signal on front cover

Signal's publisher received his Indian designed Adam-tablet from China in 2011

This New Year card is changed hourly
All the cards are from 1900's, 1910's and 1920's and originally mailed to the grand aunties of Signal's publisher, Raimo Kaarna.

January 12, 2018

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Santa Claus (the publisher) and his brother ?